Physical Education For Everybody.

Physical Education for Everybody

Yoga or CrossFit?

It’s important for me to stay in shape because I want to be…well, healthy. Plus, it is my job. To me healthy means being strong, balanced and able. I want my body to allow me to do stuff without pain and of course not end up getting injured while doing the things I like to do. Having over 26 years in the everything-body-business I have studied and practiced dozens of fitness ideas and models.  One thing that is constant is that there is always some new trend that comes along. I always feel it is important for me to take a close look at these latest and greatest forms of exercise. Today two of the chart toppers are Yoga and CrossFit. Having extensive training in both (as well as treating injuries to devotees of each), I found many common denominators with these two activities and thought it would be fun to share the similarities. The “Uniform” CrossFit goers have their own …
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Mind Body Strength- For Every Body

Most people are not competitive athletes, yet too many of our health models and ‘work-out’ systems we see advertised tell us we have to be training like one in order to be ‘fit’. The ‘no pain, no gain’ approach has mostly created financial gain for those selling this belief and just pain for those that bought into it. A not for long secret is that all athletes and most of those professionals training them are injured. The stress of repetitive movement and the eventual under training that follows has left most with chronic pain, and many more with permanent injuries and replaced joints. This is quite ironic. The purpose of MBS classes (Mind. Body. Strength.) is to inspire ease and confidence in everyday movements and support active pain free living. With a focus on alignment and awareness MBS is derived from the basic principles of a variety of somatic and movement models including Feldenkrais, yoga, Pilates, and Olympic-Lifting. Each class includes a warm-up, …
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Visit us at 650 East Blithedale Avenue, Mill Valley, CA At Mike’s Body Shop we specialize in Somatic Tune-Up’s – bridging the mind-body connection for better health and well- being through education, movement, and manual therapy. Clients come with a variety of initial complaints, from postural to muscular to energetic. Many after exhausting other medical and alternative methods. We offer both private evaluation and treatment plans as well as on-going group classes to address your own specific needs to ensure you lead a more balanced and healthy life.

Learn How To Melt!

MELT is a self-treatment technique designed to simulate manual therapy. It is self-massage! What it does is rehydrate the connective tissue and quiet the nervous system which has been scientifically proven to prevent pain, heal injury, and erase the negative effects of aging and active living. Using specialized rollers and hand and foot treatment balls you can learn how to self-treat in your own home or office and maintain a healthy, pain-free active life.