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There is no denying the power of touch and the positive health benefits of massage. Stuck stress in the body has been linked to nearly 90% of all disease, and skilled and intelligent hands can help reduce and manage that stress dramatically, paving the way toward better sleep, less anxiety, more energy, and better overall physiological health and well-being. Massage increases circulation, aids in digestion, combats depression, boosts the immune system, increases joint comfort and range of motion, speeds soft tissue injury, and helps treat the effects of chronic disorders such as fibromyalgia, headaches, and nerve pain. Don’t postpone joy and give your body the relief and support it needs for optimal health by scheduling a massage as soon as possible.

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Learn How To Melt!

MELT is a self-treatment technique designed to simulate manual therapy. It is self-massage! What it does is rehydrate the connective tissue and quiet the nervous system which has been scientifically proven to prevent pain, heal injury, and erase the negative effects of aging and active living. Using specialized rollers and hand and foot treatment balls you can learn how to self-treat in your own home or office and maintain a healthy, pain-free active life.