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Mind Body Strength – Redefine Fitness!

MBS-redefine fitnessMind Body Strength is an innovative physical education program designed by Michael Feldman. MBS is based on alignment and awareness and devised to inspire ease and confidence in everyday movements and support active, pain-free living. Whereas most fitness models are physique and/or performance based, MBS offers teachers and students a kinesthetic and movement screening system that instead refers to exercise as movement and replaces performance with ability. Maintaining this philosophy, MBS has created simple protocols and templates derived from the principles of a variety of somatic and movement models including Pilates, Yoga, MELT Method, Feldenkrais and CrossFit. Putting form before performance, MBS provides a foundation for balance and confidence that can be used in any exercise routine and daily living alike.

Mind Body Strength is taught in a series of three unique seven-week workshops, Align, Balance, and Control. These workshops are taken in succession and consist of seven 90-minute classes taken one week apart. Completion of the first workshop prepares you for the second, which in turn prepares you for the third.

The MBS Course is available for $210 a class, or purchase the entire course in advance for $600. If you would like to take advantage of purchasing all 3 courses at once, after clicking on the registration button, use the middle drop down menu to select "MBS Course".

Class 1: Align

This introductory workshop provides the foundation to awareness of space, and acts as a platform for any form of movement. The class emphasizes kinesthetic awareness and specifically paying attention to how you sit, stand, breathe, and move about. In this workshop you will learn to find your center and reorient yourself no matter where you are or what you are doing. The demands of daily living and repetitive habits all contribute to postural imbalances that then lead to discomfort and injury. Before stressing the body with movement it is vital to identify where imbalances lay and reconnect your body and nervous system. This workshop will discuss the importance of connective tissue and how to improve its health, introduce an anatomy model know as Masses and Spaces model, explore a variety of MELT Method applications, and prepare you to move with confidence and ease. Whether you are a high performance athlete, fitness professional, or just starting out, this workshop will provide you with new and thought-provoking ideas how to move, teach, and be.

Class 2: Balance

This workshop takes the work covered in Align and adds a variety of movement. Lots of movement! We live in a three-dimensional world yet often limit ourselves to just two dimensions with activities such as walking, running, biking, and the use of weight machines. Repetitive movement and exercise habits limit our ability to change direction and create strength in one place and weakness in others leaving us vulnerable to pain and injury. This class provides an opportunity to identify patterns and help restore your ability to move in all directions with strength and ease while maintaining a sense of center. Introducing and refining common movements such as squatting, twisting, pulling, pushing, and jumping prepare you for life and your favorite activities, as well as your next workshop.

Class 3: Control

In this workshop you take your newfound awareness, stability, and confidence and add stress. (The good kind, that is.) Using body weight, resistance bands, weights, a higher heart rate, complex movements, and any combination of these inputs, you will test the principles of Align and Balance and find out how well your body and nervous system communicate when challenged under strain and fatigue. You will also study current research that has revealed that no matter what age or capacity of an athlete, the appropriate stress to the heart, bones and muscles is critical for proper health, strength and longevity. This workshop is a great opportunity for you to redefine your fitness and it will underscore the importance of form coming before performance.


Learn How To Melt!

MELT is a self-treatment technique designed to simulate manual therapy. It is self-massage! What it does is rehydrate the connective tissue and quiet the nervous system which has been scientifically proven to prevent pain, heal injury, and erase the negative effects of aging and active living. Using specialized rollers and hand and foot treatment balls you can learn how to self-treat in your own home or office and maintain a healthy, pain-free active life.