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Read what clients are saying:

"I came to Michael with muscles so knotted and sore I was convinced my pain was chronic. After several sessions I felt like a new woman. Not only do I feel balanced and strong; Michael has also taught me stretching, strengthening and restorative poses that work wonders on muscles abused by long runs and climbs up Mt. Tam."
Robin Hauser Reynolds
Photographer/Distance Runner
Tiburon, CA

"I came to Michael with some old lingering ailments from sports and too many hours at work. After my first session I felt instant relief and this euphoric feeling of wellbeing came across my body. He has such soft hands and gets in so deep without me noticing or fighting. He has so much information and knowledge to share if you are open minded. His skills are incredible. You will not be disappointed."
Greg O'Loughlin
Institutional Bond Trader
New York City

"I have known Michael for over 8 years and he never ceases to amaze me in his ability to read bodies. A trainer myself, I have used Michael for my own body maintenance and have sent countless of my own clients to him over the years. In addition, my husband and teenage son have been under Michael’s care. His ability to immediately and masterfully diagnose issues and set an action plan in place is remarkable and keeps us all coming back for more!"
Susan Butler
Owner, Fresh Air Fitness
San Francisco, CA

"I slouched for most of my life and couldn't hold a decent posture for any length of time. After several sessions with Michael my posture improved to an unimaginable extent. Everyone who knows me has commented on it; at over 70 I walk more erectly and am more comfortable in my body than ever. Michael is an excellent diagnostician, a wonderful, hands-on technician, an educator and a comprehensive body worker. Aside from that, he is just an all-around good guy and a delight to work with."
Dr. David Geisinger, Ph.D.
Mill Valley, CA

"The skilled hands of Michael Feldman are one of the main reasons I am still racing after a couple of hundred triathlons. His ability to understand what is causing the pain or issue is unlike anyone else. His deep knowledge of the athletes body and how it functions under stress makes Michael’s skills one of a kind. I have been seeing him regularly for almost a decade and give him credit for keeping my body in working order. His skills are beyond what you find in even the most skilled massage therapists or physical therapy specialists. I can’t imagine a racing season without having him on my team."
Mark McKee
San Francisco, CA

"I was given one visit by my friend. Michael simply concentrated on improving my life. There was no judgment or any other motive, just my well being - a Buddhist sense of compassion. The treatment and exercises were great."
Dennis Dorje
Pistachio Farmer
Sonoma County, CA

"Mike’s assignment for the past 8 years has been to keep my body free of back pain and maintain my height at 6 feet. He has succeeded!"
Jim Coriston
San Francisco, CA

"Michael Feldman’s work and instruction is amongst the best. His intelligence, knowledge, embodiment, and warmth make working with him a joy. I still use the things I learned from him, many years later!"
Til Luchau, Lead Instructor
Boulder, CO

"Michael is by far one of the best body workers I've ever known. In four months, Michael changed my posture so that my feet now feel comfortable to walk on--especially barefoot!--something I haven't felt for four years, since foot surgery. Amazingly, he did this by working mainly on the rest of my body. He's designed a daily exercise routine that is helping me to strengthen weak areas of my body so that my alignment can get even better. On top of that, he's a kind, gentle, intelligent person, whose only goal has been to help me. And he's funny, too. What a treat it's been to work with him!"
Nina Shilling
Berkeley, CA

"Taking Michael Feldman's Functional Anatomy workshop series helped me to see my clients' bodies differently. The value of this kind of training cannot be underestimated. The lab portions of the workshops included many practical tools & suggestions. I enjoyed Michael's informal style and his way of adapting his curriculum to fit the needs of the students."
Judy Simons
Pilates Instructor
Berkeley, CA

"Mike is awesome! Only therapist/body worker I have ever had that went after the cause of my problem. When my back hurt, he spent time on my abdomen or legs. I always leave feeling much better than I did before I came in. Mike has also helped me fine tune my workouts to better myself as a baseball and football player. Not just weight lifting, but different cardio, stretching and strengthening exercises. I see Mike every time I come back to the Bay Area."
Zack Straus
College Baseball Player
University of Denver, CO

"I have a severe scoliosis in both my lumbar and thoracic spine. When Michael and I started to work together I was in pain all of the time. He worked toward keeping me out of pain and teaching me to maintain good posture without increasing the degree of my curvature. I have worked with Michael for over six years have created a relationship where I feel at ease because he understands my issues and limitations. After our sessions I walk out feeling straighter and much more comfortable. I feel his work has been a terrific help, and I am truly grateful for where he has taken me."
Vicki Burstein
San Francisco, CA

"Michael is a student, teacher and healer. I had the pleasure of working with Michael over a number of years and am still appreciating the gems he has shared with me. He always has a thoughtful perspective to best understand the challenge and provide practical suggestions.
His work on the table is tremendous and has provided me with the care my body needs whether I know it or not. I am very grateful for the work we have done together."
Roger Low
CEO Parallax Fund
San Francisco, CA

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